A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.” – James Beard

I’m hungry. Hungry for music, for life, for love, for knowledge, for new experiences. I’m hungry for beauty, for new places, for understanding, for fabulous new shoes and exquisite drag, for Maine lobsters and giant bottles of Chassagne-Montrachet. Hungry for breath after breath, note after note and bite after bite. 

In all my travels around the world as a musician, I’ve found food and wine to be complex and poetic indicators of a culture’s history, geography, customs and mores. I’ve learned more chemistry and history from eating a great meal than in any dull classroom. Around the table, friendships and connections have been forged, differences explained and accepted, romances begun, appetites satiated and savage beasts (and musicians!) soothed. 

I thought it would be cool to write about some of these culinary experiences through the eyes of a touring musician. Many times, we have opportunities to experience the local culture, that are not available to the general tourist. I am hoping to have some guests on this blog and also to include some archival material from meals past. Through music, we have been able to forge relationships throughout the world and some of these relationships….lead to the table (and under it!)